Grow Your Green Thumb

Digital Course + Starter Garden Kit Bundle

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  • Provides everything you need to grow in small pots.
  • Offers live trainings and Q&A's with our experts.
  • Includes easy-to-understand video tutorials and custom coaching.
  • Demonstrates how to achieve faster harvests and increased success with the Planted Wall vertical gardening system. 
  • Requires no experience and minimal time.

Grow Your Green Thumb training

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Grow Your Green Thumb training

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Your Garden Kit

Take a peek at what comes inside!

Our Workshop Garden Kit includes everything you need to plant, grow and harvest six of the season's best leafy greens and herbs. The greens we send will be tailored to your region for optimal growing results!

Your Kit will include:

  • 6 fresh living organic seedlings
  • Microgreen growing kit
  • Black felt grow pots
  • Proprietary living organic soil
  • Organic soil amendments
  • Detailed Instructions for planting
  • A journal for your notes!


Experience what it means to be a Planted Member

Access to Garden Experts, Organic Chefs, and Nutrition coaches is only just the beginning!

By the end of the Workshop you will:

  • Grow organic ingredients to use in cooking delicious recipes and drinks.
  • Create a gorgeous kitchen garden.
  • Harvest microgreens and enjoy all the nutrition they can offer.
  • Understand how the Planted Wall system eliminates the fail points in growing and grows the healthiest greens available.
  • Experience hands-on training taught by experts and learn their secrets to sustainably grow leafy greens & herbs on a vertical wall.
  • Determine whether growing vertically is right for you - risk free.
  • Receive the deepest discounts available on the Planted Wall system - offered only to Workshop participants!

Our 18-pot Planted Wall blooming beautifully and ready for harvest! Salads, anyone?

“It was like, WOW, this is perfect. I don’t have time to research. I knew soil is important and all the things you put [in] the soil are important…so you gave me the perfect solution…you provided everything. I couldn’t even imagine how simple the process would be. Even as you explained it, I was like, there’s gotta be a trick.”

— Naureen Planted Member

Sneak Peek into the

Grow Your Green Thumb Workshop

Grow 6 Organic Leafy Greens & Herbs + Microgreens

Bring your questions and garden gloves!

Workshop Kickoff

Your growing kit arrives! We give you the goods to grow and you have the weekend to plant.

What We'll Cover:

  • What to expect
  • Meet your instructors
  • Intro to Regenerative Agriculture: Learn about the impact you’re making and the importance of growing food
  • We'll cover what to expect
  • What to do with your seedlings once they arrive

Meet Kaylee Vaughn of @RootedRevival! She's our very own Garden Guru. We'll plant with Kaylee and learn all the tips of the gurus!

Meet Christy! Our founder and food-growing enthusiast!

Day 1 - Planting Day

Let the planting begin!

Training #1

Planted Pillar - Living Soil & Transplant Essentials

  • We'll check on our planted organic seedlings!
  • What color is your thumb? We'll dig into the psychology behind gardening.
  • Learn how to plant microgreens so you'll be harvesting within the week.
  • Learn the secret ingredients in soil that grow the healthiest veggies available.
  • Discover what's really happening beneath the surface.
  • Discover the tricks that avoid transplant shock.
  • We'll go live to answer your questions!

Day 2 - Growing Conditions

Create your Garden Getaway!

Training #2

Planted Pillar - Growing Conditions

  • Identify the unique micro-climates in your location.
  • Secrets to finding the spot for ideal growth and light.
  • Key advantages of growing in vertically for shelter and creating beneficial micro-climates.
  • How to shelter from weather conditions.
  • Learn the key to creating healthy gardening habits that stick!

Colleen Hieber is our habit building pro! She leads the women's group, STICK, a dynamic health program inspired by Ayurveda and backed by habit change science. She'll share secrets behind building healthy habits! Let's build habits together to get our gardens growing!

Day 3 - Plant Care 101

Training #3

Planted Pillar - Sun, Water, and Pest Management

Let's learn the vital tips for making it to harvest successfully!

  • Identify the early detection signs that pests are lurking by.
  • Identify the top reasons people don't get to their first harvest.
  • Learn how to boost your plant's immunity.
  • Discover how mother nature takes care of a lot of the maintenance if we just let it.

Meet Mindy Ramos of Vermis Terra - an organic worm farm. She talks with us about the power of nature and what those wiggly things can do for our soil.

Day 4 - Seedling Health & Harvest

Training #4

Planted Pillar - Seedling Health and Harvesting Secrets

  • Learn the different phases of seedling growth.
  • Identify the tell tale signs of seedling health.
  • How to harvest to keep those greens fresh.
  • Learn the secrets of keeping soil alive and healthy after the harvest.
  • Discover why plants bolt... what is that anyhow??
  • Discover the art of mixology with the herbs you're growing

Time to get nourished! Meet Mary Sheila Gonnella, NC, BCHN, of Occidental Nutrition. Let's learn all about the health benefits that go with the greens you're growing.

Final Day - Celebrate your Green Thumb

Time to celebrate! Let's recap what it means to grow along with the Planted Membership throughout the year.

  • Learn about the ecosystem you're building in your garden.
  • Learn the benefits of powerful pollinators in your garden!
  • Discover what you can grow year-round on the Planted Wall!
  • Commit to growing a sustainable vertical food garden to feed yourself and the planet!

" This wall fits into my morning routine. I roll the wall out every morning, water it once or twice a week. The wall has made me a much more confident grower."

— Michelle Planted Member

Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly will I receive in the Workshop Garden Kit?

" First came the satisfaction of seeing something grow from a small baby seedling into a full-grown plant. Second the pure beauty of all the greens in the patio. The feeling of accomplishment, "Hey I can do this!" Finally, the bonus of feeding my family healthy food grown in living soil rich in nutrients and minerals. I've learned the value and importance of that through Planted Places. "

— Tanja N. Planted Member

Customer Planted Garden

" Sweet Zoom call break! Got my first Planted Box and could not resist getting started right away. Amazing job. I got the same feeling I had the first time I opened my iPhone box. Beautiful packing. Let’s see if it can drag me away from my phone going forward as well :-)."

— Jenny, Planted Member

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We guarantee all of our organic seedlings. If a seedling does not arrive safely, we'll replace it for you!